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Why Varela Silva?


Varela Silva is a Chilean legal firm specializing in all types of issues related to the family, this specialization comes from over ten years of experience and a complete and constant professional preparation of its lawyers.


At Varela Silva we empower and develop the ability to understand the needs of our clients. We put ourselves in their place responding accordingly to their problems, combining active listening, understanding and assertiveness


That is why transparency is essential from the beginning, we strive so that prior to hiring our services the person has clear understanding of his or her situation and alternatives, because only then, one can make decisions in a calm and accurate way.


We understand the needs of clients at the time of separating, divorcing or ending a relationship of coexistence, aiming to safeguard their own interests


Sometimes reality can be overwhelming and family life is no exception. For instance, situations of domestic violence or child abuse. The damage of these allegations is caused by the existence of these facts, as well as by the inexistence of the same unfounded defendants


A multidisciplinary preparation allows us to deliver a perspective that looks after the permanent and transcendent interests of the children, giving a significant importance to their development and well-being.


When couples separate, uncertainty arises regarding the family patrimony. Based on the foregoing that clarifying, safeguarding and consolidating patrimonial situations must be resolved realistically and diligently.

New Realities

Who can argue that society and relationships between us have changed and will continue to do so at a speed that the Law has a hard time adapting to, however, Varela Silva shall be there for you in times like these


What our clients say

“Each opportunity in which I needed  legal advice from Varela Silva firm, I was assisted in a timely and efficient manner, responding to my needs and giving me a solid professional support. It is highly advisable to count with your services. 


R.Ch. año 2015

"The services offered by this study combine high-level professional, ethical and human attributes, providing comprehensive support in areas that may be sensitive. I would like to point out the cross-disciplinary expertise in the matters addressed and the range of legal resources offered, the thoroughness of analysis, the ability to work to the smallest details, and above all, the human quality that translates into a foolproof provision to provide support and advice. In two and a half years of contact with them I have never had an unanswered call, no matter what time."


M. Ch. F. año 2018.

"The situation in particular, which made me reach Varela Silva, had me under a significant emotional burden.

Knowledge of the subject, confidence and empathy in the treatment, availability when i had questions and concerns. All these aspects go a long way with me and I am completely satisfied with the service provided by this firm.”


E.S.D año 2016

"My thoughts regarding the professionalism received is that it was respectful, appropriate and of a top level. I fully recommend them."


D. T. P . año 2017. 

"Our experience with the services provided by the study was great. They work with a high level of efficiency, sensitivity and transparency. In addition, we were able to witness, first hand, an impressive technical knowledge who speaks for itself. "


J.L.P. año 2018



Padre Mariano 391

Oficina 402

Providencia Santiago de Chile.

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T: +56 22 4663870


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